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We strive to bring our customers the freshest tastiest treats we can. This means our menus can change quickly so come back often or contact us if you don’t see the piece of joy you’re craving!



Stuffed Focaccia

Our house foccacia, sauteed mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, fresh and dry mozzarella, garlic-infused olive oil, and topped with fresh arugula. We present our stuffed focaccia for those looking for something hearty!

Stuffed Focaccia cut in half on wood table

Bakery Menu Prices

Our Bakery Menu is available Thursday through Sunday and offers both healthy light meals and solid fair for those who came with an appetite!

Salad Trio $10.50

Three scoops of our premium “Tea Salads” with two sides.

Ploughman's Platter $12.00

Rustic bread, meats, and cheeses accompanied by relishes, spreads, and veg – for real appetites with no pinkie lifting required!

Tea Plate $10.50

Your choice of four dainty tea sandwiches and two sides.

Sandwiches $10.50

Our white bread and faccacia sandwiches are built on house-made bread for perfect sandwich.


Hangry Hamster

Our vegitarian option. Lettuce, cucumber, thinly sliced radish, sprouts, and lots of avocado are layered onto our house-made focaccia with a slice of provolone.

Le Croissant

Enjoy any of our tea salads on a fluffy croissant.

Weekly Sandwich

The Sandwich of the week is the Tomato Sandwich with Bacon Aoli. Thick slices of tomato on a bed of red tipped lettuce on a bacon aoli slathered focaccia slice.

The Flat Italian

Built with a selection of Italian meats including genoa salami, prosciutto, soppressata, hot capicola, mortadella, dry salami, and ham for good measure! 

Tea Sandwiches

We made a bread just for these little sandwiches. You can always find chicken salad, tuna salad, and egg salad as options for your tea plate enjoyment.

Featured In Shop

We have a selection that you will always find when you walk in such as our Carmelita’s, Brown Sugar Pecan Pie, and Hummingbird Cake. This is a selection of what we offer special this week.


Sweet Tea / 4.75

Now we didn’t believe this one either, but here it is! Tastes like the nectar of the South with a hint of lemon.

Apricot Transperant / 4.75

One of our oldest recipes – the Apricot Transparent combines a layer of apricot with a chess like top. Fruity goodness that is a well balanced party for your tastebuds!

Brown Sugar Pecan Pie / 4.75

This arguably predates the syrup pecan pies. We love the slightly less sweet version with caramel overtones!

Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie / 4.75

Dense and crumbly and all around gooey with melty chocolate chips this pie will always be a treat whether you’re wowing the family or needing a little pick me up.

Butterscotch Pecan Pie / 4.75

Decadent Butterscotchy melty buttery pecan pie. There’s nothing else like it!


Hummingbird Cake / 4.50

Our most popular cake. This southern classic with a 4 layer cinnamon spiced cake with chunks of pineapple and banana. Our Hummingbird cake with then topped with a light cream cheese frosting that will melt in your mouth!

Lunar Eclipse / 4.50

This is our most chocolatey chocolate offering so far. Rich and dense dark chocolate cake with a deep chocolate ganache poured on top.

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake / 4.50

Creamy lemon blueberry pound cake enlightened with a brush of tart lemon syrup and juicy blueberries. The pure summer sunshine emitted when we slice into it is so bright, we have to wear shades!

Yellow Layer Cake with Chocolate Buttercream / 4.50

What’s a bakery without a classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting? Weird, that’s what. Just like it says on the tin, this is a warm buttery fluffy cake smothered with a rich chocolate frosting.


Cardamom Bun / 3.50

A warm sweet braided bun filled with a mix of cinnamon, chocolate, a hint of pepper, and cardamom then drenched in sweet cardamom syrup. Made for our late breakfast crowd but enjoyed anytime.

Carmelita / 4.00

oatmeal bars with a thick layer of chocolate and caramel in the center. Oaty Caramelly Chocolatey – just MMMMM.

Toffee Sticky Buns / 3.50

Grab some extra napkins as you will be licking your fingers during and after eating this treat! Warm cinnamon and toffee are rolled up inside this sticky bun. Once it cools a bit it is slathered with our famous toffee sauce.

Chocolate Brioche “Dirt Bomb” / 3.50

Did you know Brioche came in chocolate? This lightly braided brioche bun is already a decadent treat but we decided to dunk it in melted butter and roll it in a cinnamon chocolate sugar mix to up the ante.


Watermelon Soda with Matcha Creamtop / 3.50

The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of the heat wave! Sweat sparkly watermelon soda is topped with a special matcha-infused cream.

Farmersville Fog / 3.50

A riff on the popular London Fog, we steep Earl Grey with lavender in cream and sweeten with honey. Served hot or over ice.

Cream Top Sodas / 3.50

Made with a hint of Darjeeling this cream is frothed and added to the top of a Blueberry, Pineapple, or our featured flavored soda

Italian Sodas / 3.00

We have many fruit flavors to try. Get a fruit soda of your choice. Add cream to make it an Italian Cream!

Velvets / 3.50

Our take on the steamed milk drink. The velvet is made with almost any fruit we have, chocolate, caramel, or butterscotch. Served hot or over ice.

Coffee / 2.50 – 3.00

We aren’t a coffee shop but we still appreciate a good cup once in a while. We also understand that for some of you having coffee with your pie is mandatory! Our coffee is delicious but not fancy Columbian roast that will hold up to all that cream and sugar but is smooth enough for those who like it black—Self-serve or decaf as pour-over available.

Ice Cream

Chocolate / 4.00

Made with ganache. This chocolate gelato style ice cream is sinfully smooth and chocolatey

Honey Vanilla / 4.00

Made with honey custard and real vanilla bean. A most decadent addition to a slice of pie or cake or have it by itself

Honey Cinnamon / 4.00

Like the Honey Vanilla this is instead made with cinnamon creating a warm and spicy treat!

Texas Butter Pecan / 4.00

A confit of pecans in a brown sugar custard.

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